STG with VR New Experience

STG is a total come back with VR technology.

  • Experiencing the excitement of bullet shower.     
  • Excellent visual effect and ultra reality feeling.     
  • The bosses of enemy with variety attacking skills.
  • Support HTC VIVE
    Capability in Full Version in the future
  • Different styles of stages in the game.
  • Variety of new support weapons.        
  • Players Feel


    It was very interesting experience. Missiles just appeared in front of my eyes and I felt like I got a shot !


    The bosses in each stage, they had so many different attacking ways. Very well designed and I was so impressed !


    I moved so hard to avoid all bullets! I sweated all over !

    Evading is Basic
    Evading01 The basis of the STG is how long you can survive, the longer you alive, the more enemies you can attack, and more score you can get in every stage.
    Evading02 Not like a fixed position STG, whenever players change their position, the view will change simultaneously in the side scrolling STG.
    Evading03 It means that players have to make their decision how and to where they make their moves.
    Have strategies to attack your target

    Strategies01 Strategies02 Strategies03

    In "HoloImpact", you have to have strategy to find the bosses and kill them as soon as possible; otherwise you may lose a battle and will get killed.

    In the game, you will find some items. When you find them, don't miss them. They will make you and your weapon stronger. They also give you scores and help you to survive longer.

    When you are facing the bosses, remember to kill their soldiers first, then kill them. This will increase your chance to success.

    Variety of Sub-Weapons
  • During the game, you have many chances to get sub weapons: Tracking Missiles or Chain Lighting.
  • You need a full energy/power to use missile or chain lightning. once you use them, you have to recharge for next use.
  • The tracking missile is very useful to attack enemies that move fast or are far distance.
  • The chain lightning is very useful to attack enemies when they are close range or big group.
  • You can upgrade your sub weapon by getting equipment boxes.
  • Purpose of the Game
  • Player is playing a hero in a starship.
  • Going to unknown planet to save his girlfriend taken by alien.
  • Can you go through all these six stages to save your beloved girlfriend ?
  • Amazing sound and light effects

    Develop by unreal4 Engine,the game shows the degree of space as well as a variety of delicate objects,grain,light and shadow,mosaic,and other effects waiting for you to personally experience under high-end VGA.
    VR visual effect will bring you an amazing and screaming gaming environment!!